10 Must Have FREE Trap Sample Packs

December 03, 2020 by Daniel S.

Sub shaking 808s, hyped-up vocal chants, Hip Hop drums, and Dubstep style basslines are all needed to make a modern Trap production.

You may think that in order to achieve this modern Trap sound, you will need to head on over to Splice Sounds, Loopmasters, or Sample Magic and pay to get quality samples.

I am here to tell you that you DO NOT need to pay for any samples to create a contemporary Trap track.

Below is a list of the 10 must-have Free Trap Sample Packs that can take your productions to a professional level all for the price of 0 dollars and 0 cents.


Free Trap Sample Pack, 808 TRAPSTEP VOL 2 by Trisample, Cover Art

1. 808 Trapstep Vol. 2 by Trisamples

First up on the free trap sample pack list is a big one.
Trisamples 808 Trapstep Vol. 2. brings us 334 samples with mostly drum hits.
The vocal chants and percussion alone make this pack worthy of a download!

What's Inside:
- 334 Total Samples
- 40 808 Basses
- 46 Kick Drums
- 51 Snare Drums
- 58 Claps
- 64 Percussion
- 24 FX
- 51 Chants

More Details & Free Download


Free Trap Sample Pack, Trap Starter Kit by Cymatics, Cover Art

2. Trap - Starter Pack by Cymatics

Cymatics has always been know for their quality samples and the trap sample packs that they offer are no exception.
All the samples are excellent and will find their way into all your Trap productions!

What's Inside:
- 200 Trap Samples & Loops

More Details & Free Download


Free Trap Sample Pack, Trap Squad – Trap Loops by Hipstrumentals, Cover Art

3. Trap Squad – Trap Loops by Hipstrumentals

The Trap Squad sample pack is full of all your favorite Trap samples that are ready to go into your next production.
The lead loops in this pack sound excellent so definitely find a way to work them into your track.

What's Inside:
- 21 808s
- 4 Brass
- 5 Claps
- 5 Crashes
- 5 Hi-Hats
- 19 Foley
- 10 Kicks
- 6 Snares
- 12 Lead Loops

More Details & Free Download


Free Trap Sample Pack, Pyrex Trap Sound Pack by SoundPacks, Cover Art

4. Pyrex Trap Sound Pack by SoundPacks

In addition to all the standard trap drums, you will find a folder called "Pyrex Sounds."
This folder is chock-full of synth and real instrument one-shots that will find a perfect fit in any one of your Trap tracks.

What's Inside:
- 36 Claps and Snares
- 19 FX
- 16 Kicks
- 21 Percussion
- 47 FL Studio Presets
- 29 Sound Fonts
- 15 Vox
- 52 Brass, Strings, Synth, Keys

More Details & Free Download


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Free Trap Sample Pack, Ghetto Trap Freebie by SamplePhonics, Cover Art

5. Ghetto Trap Freebie by SamplePhonics

While there are only 10 samples in this Trap pack, they are a must download.
No matter what stage of the production process you are in, you can find a way to enhance your trap with these samples and loops.

What's Inside:
- 1 Bass Loop
- 1 Pad
- 1 Lead
- 1 Snare Loop
- 1 808
- 1 String Loop
- 2 Drum Loop
- 1 Brass
- 1 Hat Loop

More Details & Free Download


Free Trap Sample Pack, Knights Of Trap V1 by Beats 24-7, Cover Art

6. Knights Of Trap V1 by Beats 24-7

These Trap samples are perfect for any Trap or Hip Hop track that you are working on.
The pack has a great variety of drum hits and melody loops and will make a nice addition to your sample library.

What's Inside:
- 6 808s
- 7 Kicks
- 10 Snares
- 10 Hats
- 10 Percs
- 10 Melody Loops
- 10 Claps
- 10 Vocals

More Details & Free Download


Free Trap Sample Pack, TRAP AND DUBSTEP SAMPLES - PACK 6 by GhostHack, cover Art


The build-ups, presets, and bass loops alone make this free trap sample pack worthy of a download.
A nice little bonus in this pack that you don't see in other packs are the pad samples.
These are great for adding ambiance to any of your Dubstep or Trap tracks.

What's Inside:

- 15 808 Basses
- 10 808 Snares
- 6 808 Kicks
- 10 one-shot Basslines
- 4 Clicks
- 6 Hihats
- 14 Percussions
- 15 Snares
- 15 ambient Pads
- 3 Buildups
- 4 Xfer Serum Bass Patches
- 3 NI Massive Bass Patches

More Details & Free Download


Free Trap Sample Pack, BAD KIT (Wheezy Inspired Drum Kit) by BVKER, Cover Art

8. BAD KIT (Wheezy Inspired Drum Kit) by BVKER

The “Bad Kit” is inspired by Wheezy’s productions and contains everything you need to cook up new beats.
As an added bonus, this pack also comes with a Free FL Studio Project file.

What's Inside:
- 15 tuned 808s
- 13 Kicks
- 15 Snares
- 15 Claps
- 8 Percs
- 8 Crashes
- 10 Closed Hats
- 9 Open Hats
- 9 Rides
- 1 Bonus FLP

More Details & Free Download


Free Trap Sample Packs, The Luger Kit by Your Local Musician,Cover Art

9. The Luger Kit by Your Local Musician

Filled with High-Quality drum samples, the Kit inspired by Lex Luger will surely help you produce great sounding Trap beats.

What's Inside:
- 3 808’s
- 4 FX’s
- 6 Hats
- 3 Kicks
- 4 Percussion Sounds
- 4 Snares + 1 Clap
- 3 Vox Samples

More Details & Free Download


Free Trap Sample Packs, Oh Gosh Essentials (vol. 1 - 5) by Slap Experts by Slap Experts / Oh Gosh Leotus,Cover Art

10. Oh Gosh Essentials (vol. 1 - 5) by Slap Experts by Slap Experts / Oh Gosh Leotus

The last in this list is more than a Free Trap Sample Pack.
It's a collection of 5 Drum Kits crafted by Oh Gosh Leotus (Slap Experts).
These Free Trap Drum Kits will surely give a massive boost to your productions!

What's Inside:
- Oh Gosh Essentials Vol. 1
- Oh Gosh Essentials Vol. 2
- Oh Gosh Essentials Vol. 3
- Oh Gosh Essentials Vol. 4
- Oh Gosh Essentials Vol. 5

More Details & Free Download


Looking for even more awesome Free Trap Sample Packs for your productions? 🤔

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