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Daniel S.

Published on: January 09, 2022

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This isn't the type of chillout sample pack that you are probably thinking of. This is more of an old-timey and bluesy type chillout sample pack. The pack contains drums, electric basses, keys, and pads. If you are creating any type of track that has a more relaxed vibe and is in the 90 BPM range, then this pack can be a great fit. The bluesy type vibe will help give you a more unique sound in your productions, especially if you are making an electronic track. 

Download this unique free chillout pack and get to experimenting! 

Pack Contents:

-  352 Free Chillout Samples
- The samples are split into 4 folders: Bass, Drums, Keys, and Pads.
- All samples are royalty-free

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