About Us

To all the melodic electronic music producers and aspiring producers,

We get into making music for all sorts of different reasons.

However different these reasons may be, there is at least one defining moment that motivates us to take action. To take action and begin our music-making journey.

That defining moment is why you are here.

It was 2010 and I was front and center on the dance floor of a fraternity party getting ready to DJ. As I was nervously setting up my equipment, I was thinking back to the very first music festival that I ever attended just a month ago where I saw Armin Van Buuren and Deadmau5. I thought It would be such a thrilling experience to be able to mix your favorite songs and see an entire stadium dancing to the music you loved. This seemed like such a surreal experience that I had to know what it felt like.

The next day, I went out and purchased a DJ controller and Traktor DJ software.

As I began DJing the fraternity party, no one was filling the dance floor. I was starting to get even more nervous and anxious.

Was anyone going to dance to the music that I was playing? Am I playing the right song? Am I going to completely ruin this party?

20 minutes went by and the dance floor was still empty.

I had to do something.

I loaded up one of my all-time favorite dance songs into Traktor, turned up the gain, and faded in the track. Through the cheap sound system that I had brought to the party, a vocoded voice blared out, One More Time. You could hear Daft Punk’s classic song, One More Time, throughout the entire house.

Within a couple of minutes, the entire dance floor was filled and people were going crazy.

I remember looking onto the dance floor and seeing everyone having a great time to the music that I was mixing in and thinking to myself, “This is what I want to do with my future. I want to fill people with positive emotions through melodic electronic music.”

This was my defining moment.

From that point on, it was off to the races.

During the next five years, I spent countless hours producing, watched every tutorial I could get my hands on, attended San Francisco’s Pyramind music production school, moved to Italy to work at a radio station and studio, traveled around Europe exploring the music scene, released music on labels and popular YouTube channels, and created chart-topping sample and preset packs.

After all of this, something still didn’t feel right.

While I was able to fill other people with positive emotions through my melodic electronic music, there were only so many people that I could reach.

There are so many other music producers and aspiring music producers out there and I wanted to empower them to create the melodic electronic music that I fell in love with.

As I looked around the electronic music-making landscape, I saw that there was no one-stop-shop for music producers who produced the melodic electronic music that I was so passionate about ever since I heard Armin Van Buuren and Deadmau5 5 years ago.

In 2016 I started a website called SoundShockAudio which featured tutorials, free downloads, interviews, and music industry news for all types of music producers in the hopes of gaining more popularity.

Over the next two and a half years the SoundShockAudio platform and community gained popularity and support. The platform had proven to be helpful to producers across the globe, but something was still missing.

It wasn’t fully delivering on my goal of providing a one shop stop for melodic electronic music producers.

It wasn’t fully delivering on my defining moment of wanting to bring positive emotions to people specifically through melodic electronic music and to enable other producers to do the same.

This is where UpstreamSquad began.

The brand was rebuilt from the ground up to focus on bringing value to the melodic electronic producer.

Community, Generosity, Transparency, Professionalism, and Friendliness & Openness are the pillars on which the brand was built and these are UpstreamSquad's Core Values.

From this strong foundation our brand’s Core Philosophy was established:

UpstreamSquad empowers you, the melodic electronic music producer.

UpstreamSquad sets new standards for providing value to the melodic electronic music production community.

UpstreamSquad is built by melodic electronic music producers, for melodic electronic music producers, and it will always stand for melodic electronic music producers!

Welcome to UpstreamSquad – The Fast Lane for Melodic Electronic Music Producers! 💜💯

To the Top!