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Download from our high-quality collection of free bass guitar plugins. You will find bass guitar VST for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins are pieces of software that are designed to work within a digital audio workstation (DAW). Bass guitar plugins are a type of VST plugin called VST instrument plugins. VST instrument plugins generate audio to sound like a synthesizer or more traditional instruments such as a guitar or piano.


Created by: Audiolatry Info: Are you looking for a high-quality free bass guitar VST? I've got just the plugin for you! This little plugin comes w...

Sienna Bass by Sound Magic (Free Acoustic Bass VST Plugin)

Created by: Sound Magic Info: Sienna Bass is a free acoustic bass plugin made with the Maize Sampler by our friend Redjoy Reza. In his stud...

Monster Bass by MonsterDAW (Free BASS Instrument Plugin)

Created by: MonsterDAW Info: Monster Bass is a complete Bass solution for the Low Frequency that your music needs!It s a FREE BASS VS...

LABS Bass Guitar

Created by: Spitfire Audio Features: Ranging from smooth and soulful to punchy and driven, these classic bass sounds have been reco...

SuperRiff Bass
By SuperRiff

SuperRiff Bass SuperRiff Bass is a simple VST instrument that contains a limited set of custombass guitar samples. Volume, Pan, ADSR envel...

By SpearGear

Raspier Raspier is abass synthetizer.E-bass, acoustic sound, leads, slap and ring tones... Uses modulation from the phase distortion oscillator as pi...

By Samsara Cycle Audio

OMB2 Om Bass 2 is anelectric bass guitarplug-in. Studio sampled bass guitars. 128 Presets. Graphic EQ. Flanger. Delay. Tremelo. Distortion....

Project16 Fingered Bass
By Bigcat Instruments

Project16 Fingered Bass Project16 Fingered Bass is a sampledRickenbacker 4001 bassplayed with the fingers. Website: https://bigcatinstruments.blogs...

By Samsara Cycle Audio

Gutbucket Gutbucket is awashtub bass. Website: Latest Versions: PC: 1.0


BassZ DSK BassZfeatures 24 bass sounds (acoustic synth). Master section (level, pan, fine). Amp. envelope. Velocity response. Website:...

Bassline II
By EVM Synths

Bassline II EVM Bassline II is aWaveSample Bass Player. Latest Versions: PC: 2.0

By EVM Synths

Bassline EVM Bassline is aWaveSample Bass Player. Multi-mode filter with resonance. Envelope trigger/gating. Monophonic/Duophonic mode. Adjusta...

Bass Module
By MaxSynths

Bass Module Bass Module is a collection ofbass soundspacked together into a single VST instrument, suitable for a wide range of music styles, from cl...

4Front Bass
By 4Front

4Front Bass 4Front Bass is a small and versatileelectric bassmodule.The bass module is a morph between sample playback and a synthesizer. Original st...

By Ample Sound

ABPL II Ample Bass P Lite II (ABPL) is a free lite version of ABP, recorded on aFender Precision Bass. DFD (Direct from disk). Rich Fingering Noi...