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Download from our high-quality collection of free phaser plugins. You will find free phaser VST plugins for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins are pieces of software that are designed to work within a digital audio workstation (DAW). Phaser plugins are a type of VST plugin called VST effects plugins. VST effects plugins help you change your sounds in new and different ways.

What is a Phaser?
A phaser is an effect where two signals are time shifted. One signal will be offset by a very small amount and this causes a swirling type sound. This effect can be used on everything from synths, vocals, and FX

Dr. Phase by Audiority (Free Analog Phaser VST Plugin)

Created by: Audiority Info: IT'S JUST A PHASEDr. Phase is an analog simulation of the epochal MXR® Phase 90™ phaser pedal introdu...

TwinPhaser by Sasch Art (Free Phaser Plugin)

Created by: Sasch Art Features: twinPhaser it's a double (left and right channel) phasing effect. Very low resources taken!Your guitar, lea...

Chorus GAS by Stone Voices (Free Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vibrato)

Created by: Stone Voices Features: Chorus GAS consists of four independent modules of delay lines, which are tuned to the required...

Violent Phaser
By Bitsonic

Violent Phaser Violent Phaser is a synchronizablephaser. Latest Versions: PC: 1.0 Videos


TAL-Phaser TAL-Phaser is a carefully modelledstereo phasereffect.The user can choose between two, four and six stages. It's possible to adjust the lo...

T-Force Phaser
By Mastrcode Music

T-Force Phaser T-Force Phaser addsphase cancellationsas a creative effect to your sounds. It results in a sound with a spacey feeling. Phase cance...

Phaztronic XL
By novaflash

Phaztronic XL Phaztronic XL is a32 stages stereo phaser.LFO 1 2: SPEED: BPM Set the speed. DEPTH: Set the FRQ* amplitude modulation. SYNC:...

By Adam Szabo

Phazor Phazor is a free effect plugin, which emulates thephaser effect found in the Virus synthesizers, which helped make its characteristic sound.A...

IO Phaser

ThrummaschineI/O Phaser is astereo phaser.This effect is driven by a sophosticated GUI envelope. Default time value is in second. Duration is theorica...

MB MooPhaz
By MB-Plugins

Thrummaschine MB MooPhaz is amoogish 6/12 stage phaser.You can sweep manualy or let the LFO modulate the phaser frequency. You can control LFO freque...

By Killapluggies

Phasa Phasa is a simplephaser effectstomp. frequency rate depth level. invert signal button Latest Versions: PC: 1.0

RS RotoThree
By Retro Sampling

RS RotoThree RS RotoThree VST creates a twisted form ofrotary effectusing 3 different speed.

Retro Delay
By e-phonic

Retro Delay Retro Delay is a flexible all round delay effect in VST format.It has the character and sound of a vintage delay unit but features many m...

Pulse Modulator

Pulse ModulatorPulse Modulatoris a tremolo/distortion pedal, loosely based on the extremely rare Electro-Harmonix guitar pedal of the same name. Three...

By Decade Bridge

Speculumfree Speculumfree is a delay/comb filter effect plugin. Speculum's state can be switched between delay and comb filter. The resulting sound...

By iraisynn attinom

antiknot Features: warm saturated tri-band and single-band compression, EQ, flanger, equalizer, tremolo, phaser, reverb, delay. Internal oversamp...

By Smartelectronix

SupaPhaser By Bram @ Smart Electronix 3 to 23 stage phaser with feedback. Phaser operation is controlled by a mixture of LFO and envelope followe...

By Rebel Technology

OwlSim The OwlSim is a VST simulation of the OWL programmable effects pedal. We've just released a VST/AU plugin binary of the OWLSim in its current...

Blue Cat's Phaser

PhaserModeled after vintage analog phaser circuits, Blue Cat's Phaser reproduces this old vintage phasing effect that you can find on so many recordin...

Full Phase
By Bass Gnomes

Full PhaseFull Phase VST is a very unique effect. It uses an inversion of a stereo channel phased against the opposite corresponding channel to isolat...