Cinematic Transitions

May 07, 2022 by Daniel S.

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Cinematic Transitions is a collection of 50 free cinematic transition effects. 

Included are whooshes, passbys, flybys, and other abstract sounds. 

The samples were created by composer and sound designer, Gonçalo Penas.

The samples were created from field recordings of random metallic objects in a warehouse. The sounds were then time stretched, put through convolution processes, granular resamples, or pitch shifted to create a unique sound. 

Also, many synthesized sounds were destroyed using similar processing methods. 

From there, the samples were layered to create a sci-fi aesthetic. 

The samples are intricate and full frequencies. 

Pack Contents:
  • 50 Transition Sound Effects
  • Includes whooshes, passbys, flybys, abstract
  • Royalty-Free

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