Couture Free Edition by Auburn Sounds

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Published on: October 02, 2020


Created by:

Auburn Sounds


Couture gives you exquisite control over your dynamics and particularly attacks.
Raw Efficiency. Increase or decrease dynamics. Get a usable result, now.
Fully Volume-independent. Keep the freedom to change input gain when needed. Including the Saturation stage.
Laser-sharp. Couture's 2-bands, half-spectral, RMS, program-dependent detector finds each and every transient. No internal thresholds.

Couture is unusually versatile:
- Make individual drum tracks a lot more dynamic and punchy
- Remove the "click" out of a kick drum sample
- Make a whole bus more or less dynamic in a single click
- Give glue to a mix with light compression and saturation
- Use a subtle saturation that preserves dynamics
- Deess the very start of notes for vocals
- Give life to inane lead synths


System requirements:
  • macOS 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Windows 32-bit & 64-bit


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