Dealing With Low Mid Frequencies

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Daniel S.

Published on: May 04, 2020

Low Mid frequencies (150-500 Hz) are very difficult to deal with. 

This frequency range is where most of the power for your track comes from. 

These frequencies can make or break your mix. Having too little of this frequency range in your mix will make your song sound flat and lifeless. Having too many of these frequencies will create a muddy mix. 

Usually, only one or two elements in this low mid-frequency range that provide this weight and power. 

All the other elements in the mix are EQ'd to give space for these one or two low mid frequency elements and to keep the mix from being muddy. 


1. Decide what element in your mix you want to carry the weight and power in the 100-500 Hz range. This will usually be some type of bass or pad. 

2. Group and solo instruments that have overlapping frequencies in the 100-500 Hz range. (Sub, pads, synths, etc.) You can use a frequency analyzer to see what sounds have a lot of frequencies in the 100-500 Hz range if you are having trouble hearing what sounds in your mix are in this area. 

3. EQ any low mid frequencies that conflict with the one or two instruments that you chose to carry the weight and power for the low mid frequencies in the mix. 

For more help with cleaning up a muddy mix, check out the tutorial below:

How To EQ A Muddy Mix

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