Flavour MTC Passive Equalizer

May 14, 2022 by Daniel S.

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Variety of Sound


Flavour MTC Passive Equalizer is a passive EQ for Windows

A "passive" means that the EQ circuits don't amplify the signals themselves. They have a dedicated amplifier stage to do the amplification. This helps give more transparent frequency changes. 

FlavourMTC implements this passive design by using 1st order shelving filter designs to avoid unwanted resonances. It also uses zero delay implementations for more accurate filtering. The EQ also makes use of oversampling to prevent any digital artifacts. 

You will find 4 different knobs on the interface. A low-cut knob, a high-frequency and low-frequency shelving filter, and a bell filter that helps control the mid-range (150 to 400 Hz).


System Requirements:


  • VST2 | 32-bit and 64- bit


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