Majoris by Fanan Team (Free Synth Plugin)

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Published on: September 17, 2021


Created by:

Fanan Team


Majoris is a unique synth based arranger organ that can enhance creativity and help songwriters and composers to quickly compose new ideas and melodies. It emulates the automatic accompaniment organs method (like in korg pa900 and etc.) and powers a built-in drums & bass oscillators and sampler to play styles that can be programmed by the user and played as a style with no additional midi routing, internal midi connection or midi cables straight from your instrument channel in the DAW.

Majoris Free is a complete free edition of Majoris that has few limitations:
- It has 6 variation instead of the 10 in the senior edition
- It lack the solo midi out connection to 3th party VST'is in the D.A.W
- It lacks the separate 6 audio outputs to individual D.A.W channels
- Other than that, both versions share same structures, same styles and additional information (and therefore the same installer as well).


System requirements:
  • Windows - Available
  • MacOS - Unavailable



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September 20, 2021 08:09 AM
You guys are insanely awesome!!!!