Soundpaint - Vintage Steinway Grand Piano by SoundPaint (Free Grand Piano VST Plugin)

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Published on: November 12, 2021


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Soundpaint™ is a free music instrument technology that offers you the ability to play completely realistic music instruments.
Soundpaint™ also comes with a free Vintage Steinway Grand Piano, so you can feel the touch of real-time rendered piano.
The Soundpaint™ Engine renders all instruments, dynamically in real-time. Resulting in a truly realistic feel, playability and behavior compared to conventional sample technologies.
Soundpaint™ is also backed by the most extensively deeep-sampled instrument catalogue in the world by Academy, TEC, and Emmy Award Winning Producers.
New instruments. Every week. Never on sale.


System requirements:
  • macOS X - Available
  • Windows - Available


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November 16, 2021 08:14 PM
Isvery unique label