SweepDelay by SaschArt (Free Delay VST/AU Plugin)

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Published on: May 07, 2021


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SweepDelay it's an advanced delay with two resonant filters that are modulated in frequency. Extremely low resources taken!
Use sweepDelay if you want your delay to sound special. 

- Two resonant filters that are modulated in frequency, one on each channel.
- Lowpass and highpass filters.  
- Link for modulation to Pan Width, Feedback, Dry and Wet Mix.
- Visual modulation position. 
- Host sync delay rate. 
- Rich rates: triplet and dotted.
- Auto bypass when no input signal.
- Ping pong, delay play on alternate left-right.
- Ping pong rates enhanced: normal, triplet and dotted (period between left and right)


System requirements:
  • macOS X - Available
  • Windows - Available

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