Tonetta Blue (FREE Semi-Modular Polyphonic Synthesizer) by Flandersh Tech

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Published on: September 25, 2020


Created by:

Flandersh Tech


Tonetta Blue for VST is a semi-modular 8-voices polyphonic synthesizer for VST3 (64-bit). The frontside spots two type of oscillators, each with 19 waveforms to choose from, analog style filters, curve and LFO modulation, waveshaper, and a convolution reverb. Turning the "magic" back-button, reveal a modular environment with internal and additional signal sources and destinations, signal splitter and mixer, step sequencer, S&H, and additional, modular effects.

System requirements:
  •  Windows 8.1 or later. Visual C++ Redistributable Package (2015 version).


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